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Annual Respiratory Fit Testing

Conducting thorough fit testing is crucial for confirming that respiratory protective equipment, such as masks and respirators, properly seals to the wearer’s face, thereby offering the intended level of protection against hazardous environments. The comprehensive process involves a series of steps, beginning with a detailed medical evaluation to determine the wearer’s suitability for respirator use. Following this, the actual fit testing takes place, which includes selecting the correct size and type of respirator, performing either qualitative or quantitative fit tests, and ensuring the wearer understands how to properly use and maintain the equipment. This procedure is essential for workplace safety, ensuring that individuals are adequately protected when exposed to airborne contaminants.

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  • Medical Evaluation

    – Before fit testing, employees should undergo a medical evaluation to ensure they are physically able to wear respiratory protection.
    – The medical evaluation assesses the individual’s general health, medical history, and any conditions that may affect their ability to use a respirator.

  • Training

    – Ensure that individuals participating in the fit testing procedure receive proper training on the purpose, use, and limitations of the respiratory protection equipment.

  • Selecting the Right Respirator

    – Choose the appropriate respirator carefully, considering the work’s nature, potential hazards, worker’s facial structure, and the fit testing method to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

On-Site Fit Testing Services Tailored for Your Business

Pre-Test Seal Check!

Before the fit test, participants should perform a user seal check to ensure that the respirator is properly seated on their face.

Fit Testing Methods:
There are two primary methods for fit testing respirators: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative fit testing assesses the seal of the respirator based on the user’s sensory detection of a test agent, such as taste or smell. Quantitative fit testing, on the other hand, uses instruments to measure the actual amount of leakage into the respirator, providing a numerical result indicating the fit.

Fit Testing

quantitative and qualitative fit testing

Quantitative Fit Testing:
– Measures the actual amount of leakage into the respirator. Methods include:
– Ambient Aerosol: Uses particles in the air to quantify leakage.
– Controlled Negative Pressure: Involves measuring pressure changes to determine leakage.

Qualitative Fit Testing:
– Uses the sense of taste or smell to detect leakage. Common methods include:
– Bitrex Solution: The wearer detects the taste of a bitter solution.
– Saccharin Solution: The wearer identifies the taste of a sweet solution.
– Irritant Smoke: The wearer identifies the presence of irritant smoke.

Fit Testing Procedure:
– Instruct participants to don the respirator properly according to manufacturer guidelines.
– For qualitative testing, expose the wearer to the test agent and ask them to perform specific exercises (e.g., talking, bending) to assess the seal.
– For quantitative testing, use the appropriate equipment to measure the concentration of the test agent inside the respirator.

– Keep detailed records of fit testing, including the type of respirator, fit test method, and results for each participant.

Regular Retesting:
– Conduct fit testing regularly, especially when there are changes in facial features, weight, or if there is a change in the type of respirator used.

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