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Customer: Non Disclosed

Category: Retail

Date : 4 February, 2019

Status : In Process

Tags : Sales, customer acquisition 

About the project

Sybest performed a set of activities to identify our client’s business need and recommend viable solutions to meet those needs; and to stimulate, document, and facilitate the successful implementation of the project end result of the project.

We conduct initial research to shield-light on our client business. The Initial research provide Sybest with the business domain and the regulatory bodies for our client’s business.

The procedure for this project will include gauging our client actual financial health vs projected financial expectations using a benchmark analysis. To meet our client sales expectations (increase sales), Sybest collected 7 months itemized sales records and cost of the individual item sold within the months. In addition, Sybest conducted a series of other applicable analysis for this project.

What we did

We conducted initial research to identify the client’s customer and prospective clients.

  • Review online feedbacks and sentiment analysis

    Direct and indirect sentiment analysis was conducted to determine the clients’ satisfaction and repeat sales.

  • Conduct competitive analysis 

    The competitive analysis enables us to understand our client’s strength and weakness.


Work in progress!

  • Determine the number of prospective customers based on unique products
  • Reviews and feedbacks from the onsite survey
  • Determine direct and indirect competitors
  • Determine the peak sale period
  • Conduct qualitative analysis
  • Build and conduct a direct survey for insights

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