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Customer : Name not disclosed

Category : Web development

Date : 14 March, 2019

Status : Completed

Live demo :

Tags : Non-Profit, informative 

About the project

Our client requires a full website build to support their digital growth strategy and rebranding. This website will allow our client to expose their brand to organic audiences via search engines, leverage digital advertising to boost lead generation, and deploy content marketing to build brand awareness and authority.

Sybest Consultant is uniquely qualified to build the website that you desire, due to our rich development skills and our experience working with clients in various industries.

What we did

Sybest Consultant will build our client’s website using content management system (CMS). CMS would be able IDA-Lib staff to easily update the website without affect the backend codes. CMS will allow IDA-Lib staff to do the following once your website is launched:

  • Easily update page content and images
  • Integrate with analytics software to track page and site performance


Work in progress!